Company Profile

Adelaide Ski Boat Centre was established in 1990 and has since made and sold many quality ski boats for water sports lovers around Australia.

The owner of Adelaide Ski Boat Centre, Darren Barnes, is a mechanic by trade and started his career with boats simply as a hobby before becoming primarily involved with producing some of the best boats on the water. Darren’s new love for the water sport developed into a need for speed and he became involved in racing at North Arm in Adelaide where he came 1st and 2nd in the drag boat competition in consecutive years (’97 – ’98). Darren racing and winning in the boats he had constructed and maintained at Adelaide Ski Boat Centre has inspired him to continue and improve his boat building business.

Adelaide Ski Boat Centre now has a new focus beginning in 2006, when the new Wakemaster boat will be produced. This boat is larger than traditional ski boats with a taller hull and bigger body shape, which will produce a much more consistent wake for the water sport lover. It incorporates the latest true trak entry which will make it the smoothest performing hull on the market. It will be a pleasure to drive.

Visit the “Coming Soon” page for progress updates on this new addition in the months to come.

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