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Adelaide Ski Boat Centre prides itself on providing top quality new and reconditioned engines for all customers inboard power needs.


PCM Marine Engines: Adelaide Ski Boat CentreComing soon to Adelaide Ski Boat Centre are the stylish looking new ZR-6, Excalibur, Python and ProSport engines from PCM Marine Engines.

When it comes to quality and performance, the propulsion systems available for water sports boats vary widely. For over 30 years, PCM has been creating exclusive features and benefits that provide added performance, durability, reliability and, ultimately, a more pleasurable boating experience.

Below are some of the definitive differences and proprietary features that set PCM apart from the crowd. Many of these features and resulting benefits are simply not available from the competition.

  • Performance
    PCM's exclusive free-breathing high performance exhaust system mates perfectly with GM's Vortec block, which allows the engine to achieve its maximum performance ability.
  • Ride
    Boats powered by PCM have the smoothest, most vibration-free ride available, thanks to PCM's exclusive Adjust-a-Flex Mounting System. Larger more robust mounts remain micro-adjustable for life, thank to non-corrosive stainless steel components
  • Maintenance
    With the exception of periodic oil and impeller changes, PCM engines are virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to PCM's remote oil filter and the exclusive modular raw water pump design, routine maintenance is a snap.
  • Ultimate Cooling System
    PCM knows that proper cooling is the heart of engine durability. Years of experience have led to our new modular raw water pump, which was specially designed by PCM for water sports boats. The large, stainless steel pump driven by the auto-tensioning serpentine belt, is an integral part of the engine. The result is the ultimate in cooling and lasting durability - and it's only available from PCM.
  • Fuel Control Cell
    The Fuel Control Cell guarantees fuel delivery to the injectors and absolutely forbids vapour lock. The robust two-pump system (vs the competition's one pump) delivers fuel precisely. The easily serviced 10-micro fuel filter/water separator protects the injectors. The FCC is an exclusive advantage from PCM for over 10 years.
  • Power Plus™ Transmissions
    PCM revolutionised the industry with the introduction of their own exclusive transmissions, specifically designed for water sports application. Today PCM Power Plus transmissions continue to lead the pack with the smoothest, quietest transmission available. Power Plus transmissions reduce parasitic loss of horsepower, delivering considerably more power to the propeller.
    New for 2006 is the Power Plus Vee, the ultimate transmission for the wakeboarding application.
  • Power
    Today's water sports boats drive lots of gadgets and big stereo power. All PCM engines have a 100 amp alternator to handle the load. This essential feature is standard on PCM engines but it's often not even available from the competition!
  • Warranty
    PCM's three-year warranty is unsurpassed. Our warranty satisfaction and brand loyalty ratings are consistently ranked highest in the marine engine industry. Everything we do, from engineering to manufacturing to service after the sale, is aimed at creating and maintaining the most advanced inboard engines in the world.

When it comes to performance, durability and service after the sale, PCM proves that all inboards are not created equal.

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PCM Marine Engines: Adelaide Ski Boat Centre
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